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Most Important Advice For Older Men Who Are Dating Online

Some people have been fortunate enough to meet their better half early on in their lives, to make a family and grow old and gray together. Others, however, may not have been so lucky in life, or they may have chosen not to compromise with a partner that wasn’t right for them. This is why so many people are turning to online dating today. This advice for older men looking for love online will make their search more efficient.

What Older Men Using Online Dating Platforms Should Know

Are you thinking about using an online dating platform but aren’t sure how to do it right? Are you hesitant, fearing it will be a fruitless effort that will disappoint you? Do you think you may be too old for this sort of thing? Have no fear; these dating tips will help you overcome your worries and doubts.

#1. Study her profile

Yes, you like her photograph, but looks aren’t the only thing that matters, as you know. You need to have something to talk about. Plus, women like to feel your attention. So, find 1-2 things you may consider interesting or that you have in common – like a hobby you enjoy or would like to try – and mention it when you talk to her.

#2. Don’t just say “hi” on your first message

Instead, introduce yourself properly. Tell your prospective partner who you are (no details needed to begin with), but a few things about you –your name, where you are from and something you want to know about her. Like, “Hello, my name is X, I’m from Y. I noticed how beautiful you are and also that you also love the theatre. I am a big theatre fan too. What was the last play you saw?” Asking a lady a question she can easily answer, that isn’t too personal, is a good conversation starter.

#3. Make her feel safe

Safety is very important to women, and the fact you are sitting behind a computer could make her doubt that you are being honest about your intentions and who you really are. The best way to make her feel safe is to share a little detail about your life, your job, where you live or if you’ve been married before, for example. You don’t need to give a full bio, but some detail acts as reassurance.

#4. Pay attention to her

Be curious, but not nosy. Ask her about herself but be careful not to make her feel uncomfortable. The best way for her to open up is if you share something about you first. For example, you could say “I have a son who’s 18 years old. Do you have any children?” If you feel a topic is making her feel bad, change the subject immediately and apologize if you inadvertently cause offense.

#5. Arrange your first date

Don’t let the chat drag on and on for too long. If you have great online communication, make an IRL date somewhere safe and interesting. A coffee date is a popular choice because it is casual and fuss-free, but it may seem a little drab. You can make it a walk in the park, a bookstore if you both love books, or the theatre, a museum, a gallery – anything you both enjoy.

Who says older men can’t flirt online? Flirting, love, and companionship are ageless. The basic thing to remember as you go about finding love on an online dating platform is to be yourself, leave your date some space, and be genuinely interested.

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